[C4/explosives] Question about crafting/bp


Does anyone know if explosives bp is obtainable from loot crates in rad towns? Or you can only find it in airdrop crates?

I play on medium/high populated server, constantly farming crates/rad barrels - yet, there is not even one person on the server to find explsoives bp since monday.

Only thing I know at this stage: Found two Explosives BP’s in big rad, if that helps.

found one C4 (timed explosive) blueprint in small radtown, the day after C4 was introduced.

looted 50~80 airdrop since, on my local testing server, never got any blueprint of any kind in a airdrop.

I am not talking about “Timed Explosive” but I seek information about explosives blueprint.

Is it only possible to get it from radtowns or are there any other sources?

I got explosive BP from a barrel near the forest (nowhere near a radtown) on the dev servers. It also had large medkit Bp in it. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten either of these from a barrel. Must be VERY rare.

Well, can anyone confirm this? =]

ive got a explosive bp from a barrel too… they are just rare

What about gun BPs? I have only found the eoka pistol BP…seems like everyone on my server has good guns and I can’t seem to find a BP for any of them.

Since last patch, my friends and I (a group of 4) have gotten a lot of useful BPs. We can make almost anything we need except timed charges and guns (other than the Eoka).

Of course, that’s as a collective of 4 people and a LOT of effort was put into that. We have 2 guys that basically do nothing but raid rad towns at every respawn, go on barrel hunts and get pretty much every single air drop while myself and the other guy focus on harvesting resources, hunting and building. We play on a relatively quiet server where we’re the “top dogs” outside of the admin and his small band of compadres. We basically get EVERYTHING. And still, no good gun or timed charge BPs.

I’m stoked about the introduction of the repair bench though. With that, I wouldn’t be sad to see gun BPs completely removed from the game and have air drops / barrels / rad towns being their sole source. That would make getting guns a far more valuable commodity, and would ensure that no one is sitting around with crates full of AKs.

Right now, if someone has a gun BP, dying is no big deal. There’s really very little disadvantage to death. They respawn, re-equip, and they’re back in business immediately.

I would love for them to take out gun BPs. The server I play on is awful. I can’t go into a rad town without getting shot because people are guarding them. It creates extremely unfair gameplay. Guns should be rare and not something you can just build a ton of.

That’s my thinking on it. Making guns rarer and only available via drops and rad towns would make them extremely valuable. Losing one by dying would actually have some consequence. They are valuable now to an extent, but if someone happens to have the BP, then the value of that gun becomes inconsequential to that player.