C4 generator hack?:-(

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to take minute to share my experience.
Yesterday I got invited to team up with 8 other guys and join their base.
I was very happy because I had been raided 3 times in the past week (my bases were nothing special so that did not surprise me much).

So i walk to their base and see that they have built a 10 story, 1 square by 12 squares monster.
They have switch backs for the stairs and force the intruders to go through a metal door for every square!
All in all with no chance of building near the base because of the terrain bandits would have to go through roughly 100 doors to get to us on top.

I sign off last night thinking, finally a place I can relax a bit. I mean, who would have 200+ C4s right? who would risk 100s of hours of crafting for one score…

This morning I sign on and notice that I have been killed during the nigh (naked and lost).
I try suicide, nothing. I find my way back on foot to the base and find that every single door and storage box have been destroyed.
Every inner wall has been destroyed. Redundant walls to the outside have been blown out from the inside (they probably wanted to take in the view).

I mean… come on… This has got to be cheaters right?

Sadly restarting from scratch again,


It’s possible some of them were hackers and the admins destroyed the house to clean up the mess.

Sounds more like butthurt admins, wouldn’t be surprised

Definitely admins either being dicks, or removing a hackers house after banning them. I know our server owner will blow all the doors on hackers houses if we know where they are, after they are banned.

So there is nothing to do about admin abuse…
I have spent 50+ hours finding and researching all the items.
Now i have to change to another server and start over. just to risk this thing happening again…

It’s unfortunate, but all you can do, for now, is find a good server with good admins. I have suggested ways to deal with this, but there is nothing currently in game.

Or keep a low enough profile to not attract attention… but that just sucks. I want to build a FORTRESS!
But now i know that no matter how clever, no matter how big. someone will destroy it without even working for it.

Or else it could be (I maybe wrong) that some exploited with flase +C4, I read something like that in the exploit section, that would allow u to use the number of Flare for ur C4.

But, as everybody said, it’s most likely that some lovely admin just put some fireworks and blown up the place.

Welcome to Rust!

Admins can give themselves as much C4 as they want. It doesn’t take any crafting time with the console command. Too bad if an admin did that on your server though. You really can’t do anything about it. Those servers are rented and the Admins have complete control.\

The official servers have no admins, so you could go there, but people say there are more hackers.

What is the possible “HONNEST” use of these kinds of commands??? Why cant the devs remove that kind of potential abusive commands?
There is no “administration” in giving yourself and all your friends all the C4 they can carry…

Naah, admin commands should stay, just choose a good server, search or UK 5 (No stress) community server.

Keep in mind the bigger the fortress you build the bigger the target you paint on yourself.

On the server I was recently playing some guy built a 20-30 story tower on one of the costs. He did a very good job on building foundations with pillars around the base of his tower to prevent a staircase from going up. However weather it was due to decay or a slip on his defenses our team managed to build a staircase to a staircase to a jump that allowed us to get inside. We then had 15 c4 to blow our way to the stashes / sleeping areas. Had we not been able to build up I don’t think 15c4 could of cut it, but it just goes to prove the point no matter how well you build the fortress if someone else has enough time they will find a way in.

Servers differ. Some server have events where the winners get item prizes, some are the admins are willing to clear up base griefing for which they need to be able to give themselves c4 to do it. There are legitimate reasons for such commands.

Honestly most admin commands can be used to abuse if put in the hands of an immature individual, but many are useful or even needed to keep a healthy server.

There is also people crashing servers to dupe…

The server I play on has had 2-3 incidents of dupers. There seems to be a new hack / glitch that allows people to dupe anything.

They would run around the server and blatantly place C4 on anything, even on the ground as they were running away from you naked.

typical private server admins ruining another persons time. Can’t wait for additional anti hack so that Official servers will rule again :slight_smile:

I tend to agree with most replies … most likely Admin abuse.

The server admins did it and it could’ve been because they don’t like monster groups like that one as it scares away new players.

you can dupe c4 using flares -side note I didn’t read the op at all-

Something similar happened to me today. I logged in after being away for a day or two only to find out every single one of my doors, walls, stairs and an entire top floor were gone… but my beginners shack that was right beside was still there.

The server is pretty deserted these days so it’s sad to read here that it as likely an admin who did it. :confused: