C4/Kevar/Best gear in the game drop rates, ideas?

Was thinking about what would happen if there was no wipe, basically there’s still hundreds of people with kevlar/C4. So a wipe is pretty obvious is the game doesn’t want to get reviews saying that you can’t actually start playing the game. But what about 1 week later if a group of 4 friends want’s to start playing, or even 2 days later. Even 2 days later, they will be starting out at a severe disadvantage. The same thing with people that play casually; how can this game expect to tend to people that play twice a week, or people that start playing 1 month after the server wipe? They’ll be playing with the majority of people who play hardcore, i.e. getting kevlar and C4 and raiding people with that gear.

The only way I can see to fix this is to lower the end game content’s drop rates SEVERELY. Make it so to get the 2nd to best gear (let’s just say leather) it take’s a day or even less; and then kevlar and things like C4 can have extremely low drop rates, even then the max you can get in lets say 2 weeks of playing is 1 piece.

Looking for some ideas here guys, because the way I see it hardcore players+current drop rates = casual players getting pissed off and stopping playing.

Helks idea, verbatim : “What I want to do is make it so researching an item destroys the item you are researching in exchange for a percentage of a blueprint… so maybe you need to cannibalize 4 m4’s to learn how to make one” - This seems like a really good idea.

Hello again COOLADE.
Changing the research system is an option and sure does sound interesting.

However I do not personally think that it’s needed (Will prolly get changed tho)
I would prefer seeing new end-game content. Something that makes raiding 2nd priority and is much less giving then the new ‘end game’ . Something with high risk, high reward. Since they are implementing helicopters you can only speculate what they could add next and evolve the game to. Since they are removing zombies the focus seems to (and has been stated) be more into the survival part. Making a game when survival is hard.

But since they are implementing more and more fort defenses (Traps,gates etc) the possibility to build a smaller town/forts is growing more and more. Making the current end-game raiders focus on larger more secure buildings with higher risks and higher rewards.

Something that would change everything with a jiffy(but highly unlikely coming ), is some kind of system that would penalize the players for killing new spawns.

Besides with helicopters coming that the player can fly this opens up new possibilities for building bases much further away from the center of the map, making the whole map at your disposal. Which in turns makes the end game more interesting, since the chance for finding new helicopters for your group increases if you just find one helicopter to explore the whole map, then you wouldn’t have the energy to land the heli for a small base, you would go for the bigger ones and try to find others to wage war against.

This is my take on it. But indeed you have a point