C4 Needs to be more rare.

Since the wipe, yesteray, someone has used 14-20c4 on my base already, on fully armoured base.

Fully armoured shouldn’t even take a day to build but that’s another story, anyone know of any balances on there way about these things?

Or does anyone else think that that many C4 should be obtainable in that time frame?

That was almost definitely a very large group, and yes it’s perfectly normal for a large group to do something like that if they focus on it. Not much to be done about it without screwing over the solo players unfortunately.

They were 3 players, my group were also 3 players ^^

Multiple other people also have 6 or so + C4 on the server

Maybe it’s because airdrops drop it too frequent or so, but something feels wrong with how many people obtain

My group has gotten about 5 or 6 air drops so far since yesterday. No C4 charges as of yet. We did get a grenade though.

C4/Modern weapons have no place in this game. Should be replaced with TNT n other stuff.

Anyone who follows my posts knows I’m the first to say that raiding needs to be more balanced out.

HOWEVER, it has come a LONG way. If my idea of well-balanced raiding is a perfect sunny day, then right now we’re looking at an overcast afternoon (and legacy was an F5 tornado).

I’m going to say that someone managed to happen upon C4 and/or explosives in the first drop or one of the first barrels they came across. Either that or the server admin preserved blueprints and they had it leftover from the last version.

It’s rare enough that anyone stands a chance of getting a well-built base before getting raided even on a server with decent population, but not so rare as to make raiding impossible.

14-20 c4? Really? How did you calculate that? And freaking hell those 20 c4 cost like 45 minutes * 20 = like 20 hours of only crafting. Dividing that by 3 lets say. Means almost 7 hours they stood still crafting gunpowder. Without any freaking calculation of getting the materials.
Whats unbalanced about that?

If your group spent their time harvesting resources whereas the other group was out robbing people and raiding bases for resources, they could easily collect more than enough resources to make those C4 charges.