C4 shouldnt be thrown.

As the title states, i don’t think you should be able to throw c4. It should be like legacy where you have to go up to a wall or door or something and place the c4. Also c4 needs to be more expensive to craft.

I agree

Just like how Bows shouldn’t be able to fire arrows.

for the sake of the argument, they have mentioned previously that they want us to be able to throw weapons like picks and spears, so it might become more valid then that we can throw c4. i think the main thing is that it doesn’t make sense to stick to walls if it’s thrown. maybe a primary action of setting the charge on a surface, and a secondary to throw it like a bag/sack of boom.

Makes for better gameplay having to run up to the base and place the c4 so to defend your base you gotta try to keep them off your walls as much as possible +1

Its stupid that u can use the C4 when it is building blocked… I mean, whats the point with toolcup when u just can blow the wall and walk inn?

Why can you throw a grenade but not throw C4? Sorry but the old way was limited.

Why do you think the tool cupboard is designed to make your base unraidable? Its designed to make it ungriefable. It allocates you a piece of the map so only you can place objects down and other players cannot build a stair case to your top level, blow you door down and replace with a wall etc. If you want an unraidable base, play on a server with 0 players.

There is NO reason why C4 could not be tossed.

ITT: People with boulder bases crying they’re getting raided.

Because a grenade is a self contained explosive, and C4 is a plastic explosive that needs an external detonation device to set it off.

I agree with the others who have said you should be allowed to throw it, but it shouldn’t stick to a wall when you do. That could be some other sticky bomb/gel based/napalm type item.

C4 in the game is called a Timed Explosive Charge, meaning it’s running on a countdown rather than a trigger.

Considering the crafting recipe does include animal fat/cloth it could be considered the adhesive. This is how they did improvised sticky bombs (greased up sock grenades) back in the day to take out tank treads.

I’m fine with throw. I’m not cool with throw and stick. If someone wants to chuck 3-4 C4 in a window and hopefully blow the wall that’s fine. But tossing it and getting it to land perfectly so it sticks would be next to impossible.

If people are able to chuck C4, defenders should be able to shoot it in mid flight in order to blow it up before it hits the wall/ignites imo…

I would like to see a second variant of C4 one that is stronger but takes 30 seconds to plant. This, I believe, would encourage building bases with a more defense structure in mind than just mass doors. Balance testing required.

I thought they were looking at implementing a barrel type of explosive method that needed multiple people to drag/place/plant, and that took a longish time to actually place and arm. Wonder if that will make it in to supplement the current C4 explosive (- ala Legacy) or whether the current iteration is just a placeholder until they bring in the permanent method.

i think “c4” should only be lootable, and the barrel explosive craftable. the reality is that removal of the legacy style c4 will probably have a massive backlash, so i doubt it can be removed entirely for an alternative.

Yeah not disagreeing with you on that one. As long as each item presented you with different usage strategies rather than both doing the same thing if different explosive ‘tiers’ do end up making it into the game.

my image is that c4 would be small, stable and predictable. it takes the same number of seconds to blow every time, deals the same amount of explosive damage, and doesn’t self detonate on heavy impacts etc.

the barrel explosive would in my mind have variable explosive potential, a fuse range (say 3-10 seconds) rather than an exact timer, and for it to be really unstable, exploding if shot or dropped far enough. it might fizzle after 10 seconds, or blow up half the building and the person who lit it too soon after ignition.

I’d rather they just nix the c4 all together. Something like what you’re describing, plus something akin to Legacy grenades, would be a good goal to shoot at in my opinion.

Yeah I would like to see more ‘rusty’ explosives. C4 seems way to sophisticated for the theme of Rust.

While it’s fun to throw the current C4,i have to admit that it does feel a bit unbalanced.

As said above,remove the “stick” function when it’s thrown but allow it to be “cooked” before throwing it by holding the throw button.