C4 vs Rockets

Rockets have a good splash damage. Its possible to destroy 3 or 4 ceilings with only 4 rockets. You can destroy 2 Walls with 4 Rockets. The main point is: Why does 4 Rocket cost nearly the same price than 2C4?


  • splash damage
  • works better against doors than C4.
    —> 1 Rocket for 1 sheet metall door. vs 1C4 for 1 sheet metall door
    —> 3 Rockets for an Armored door. vs 2C4 for one Armored door
  • splash damage destroy the boxes behind the wall.
  • you cant use the rocket launcher in close rooms.


  • precision tool
  • bad against doors compared to rockets
  • only splash damage to chests, cupboards etc.

FYI c4 does have splash damage, just not to building parts. It damages crates, cupboards, players and pretty much any deployable on the other side of the wall/door.

I do agree rockets could be a bit more expensive, something like 20% more or so.

I corrected it. Yes rockets must be a little bit more expensive. Not much but enough to think about a alternative like C4.

If it takes you 4 C4 to blow through an armoured door you have issues my friend, it takes 2…

Sorry my fault. 2C4 for one Armored is correct.

I prefer one and a rocket!

I just carry explosive 5.56 with me and break into random bases…
Yes this is on modded, I switch between community and modded every once and a while. Don’t judge

That has been nerfed to hell and is really not even close to cost effective anymore.

Hmm, still seems to be effective on the server I’m playing on, probably because gather is upped so it’s easy to have a fair bit on you

Not saying it doesn’t work, it’s just very expensive compared to rockets and c4 or even grenades.

We normally have lots of Explosive 5.56 sitting around because thats all we use, so having a bit more of that on you takes up less space in your inventory than c4 or rockets, especially with bigger stacks. Also if you AK is silenced you can break in rather quietly.

Jist for the record the explosive 556 does less damage to players than normal rounds…

i have a rocket but no launcher! what now?

You need a rocket launcher bp to build a rocket launcher or you trade a rocket launcher with other guys.