C4 Worse than last patch

Today it took us 13 C4 to destroy 1 wooden wall when it used to take 1 or 2… a few times now the C4 stays on the wall after it explodes and seems to do little to no damage… booooo

Good. This is awesome. C4 was getting out of hand when people were using it on a 1 foundation home just to be dicks.

13 C4 for one wall?
You do something really wrong.

This. I’m glad to see this and weapon durability…I was sick of people just blowing everything up and killing everyone that walked by because they could. While I agree that a satchel of C4 would destroy a wooden wall in 1 shot, this is called game balance and I welcome it.

Lol the OP is wrong and experienced some sort of bug. I dropped a wooden wall with a single C4 last night. If it was just a one by one who cares they probably did not have the resources to justify using C4 in the first place.

The wall you blew up could have been extremely degraded.

Are you sure no one was home repairing?

i have to get more than 1 c4 oh my god im struggling

Is this necessary?

They may have been repairing the wall from the inside.

Also, do I smell an alt of Crissiejjj? (who got banned for cheating and then banned from the forum for cheating/being a punk-ass bitch lol)

Not always the case, my friend, not always the case…

Behind the wall was something absorbing the damage

What has happened to me a few times is I try to blow up a wall with stairs next to it and it will break the stairs with 2 C4 and then the third will destroy the wall. It has also happened when I tried to blow up a wall with a storage container placed on it. After three C4 it blew up the wall next to the one I was placing it on.

I was on a patched server last night and C4 was working exactly the same as before the patch. Like I said it might just be a bug/glitch, maybe someone was repairing (although I thought they fixed that), or just bad luck/placement.

Op. When you greatly exaggerate something you just make yourself look stupid. Ive yet to blow up a wall that took more than 2 after the patch. (ive blown up a lot)

There are oxide mods like ‘Explosions’ that allow an admin to turn down the force an Explosive Charge has on a wood wall, a metal wall, or both…or turn C4 completely off.

no… i know its normally 1 or 2 c4 to blow walls but the bug was that the c4 would remain on the wall after it exploded, i was trying to see if other people were having this same problem, there were 7 c4 visible on the wall so we had to place the c4 in different positions on the wall so it wasn’t sitting on top of the last bugged c4

lol it wasn’t a 1 by 1. We waited for when the home owner went offline… after 3 c4 we were committed.

wasn’t even worth it in the end lol

Almost every wooden wall I’ve tested since the previous patch has taken 2 c4 no matter which way it is now. That is if the wall is at 100%. Even when placed directly in the middle. Has this changed again with the most recent patch?

I would not stack C4 though, you’re gonna have a bad time. Be patient, or put them in opposite corners.

that’s what im asking too… c4 only ever used to take 1 or 2… not 13 :frowning:

Just tested it for you. It still takes only 2. You are doing something wrong :confused:

the server is oxide modded… could that be it… i can’t be doing it wrong - i can rust!