C4 Worth?

C4 is funny… On uncraftable servers, people get away with building massive structures and raiding is mostly only accomplished by having a group effort. Then on the craftable c4 servers, for what it takes to craft enough c4 to pull off a large job, and unless you get lucky and score some c4, at best what you get is kevlar, m4, bar, nades…

I could have spent less time farming for these items and skipped the whole c4 raid.

We need some other item(s) that is or isn’t worth anything but is totally worth it.

Dog tags?
HATS! They should add hats worth stealing :smiley:


Hats! more hats!

Hats would probably lead to community created hats too.

I am all for this, if it works like the TF2 hats it’s a great way for players to create something that not only goes in game, can also make you some cash :smiley:

fck yeah pimp hats

We should totally get dog tags from people we kill. And we should have ranks and prestige levels too…and Rust Elite…and DLC for new weapons and maps…and Nazi Zombies.

That would be a stupid idea to add hats to a survival game…

Hope your troling… :suicide:.

That’s clearly sarcastic

Dog tags would be cool- You could keep track of how many people you’ve killed in your lifetime and also see the killstreak you ruined from somebody elses

You know that this game isnt about killing its about surviving

Personally, I don’t target random people. If I’m going to C4 someone, it’s just to screw with a specific person and hope to get all their loot, even if it’s crap loot. :smiley: All in good fun.

~~ Fedora PLZ ~~

True that :smiley:

The targets i raid are extremly anoing people or rich people that builded their base so its easy to raid