C4: Yay or Nay?

While C4 may be helpful to the one using it, is it overpowered?

I know a lot of knew players complain is it to overpowered, some older players would agree.

A lot of people who enjoy raiding may agree it is overpowered, but enjoy.

Personally I think it is WAY overpowered and should be completely removed, but how do you guys feel?

I’m an older player and raiding bases without C4 was a pain in the ass. Before pickaxes it took literally hundreds of hatchet hits to destroy any breakable structures. The problem isn’t C4 it’s that lack of stronger material. Which are already planned and conceptualized.

You have to remember that the game isn’t completely balanced and right now when you see something like C4 you need to understand the reason it’s overpowered is because other parts of the game aren’t necessarily finished yet. The C4 works off of the fact that different materials will have different strengths. When those materials aren’t yet implemented it makes it seem overpowered when it’s just unfinished design.

Completely agreed, one of the reasons I stopped playing for awhile is the amount of effort it took to raid a base - it was horrible. Usually I just taped down my mouse and got a drink.
Plus metal structures are planned which will help even more to prevent people with a lot of explosives.


Never thought about it that way. I suppose when stronger walls are implemented, it would be balanced.

I think to fix all this complain of negative sides, they should make C4 rare.

Once you research something, it ain’t rare anymore.

i allrdy posted this in another thread

maybe we can get different tools. A key system would be nice or a code panel or something. Maybe a mechanism where you need to put sticks into holes or you have to pull certain wires.

I dream of a scenario where the raiders first have to get a key for the front door. Then when they achieved this they stand in front of a corridor with traps where only the owner knows wich step they would trigger. At the end of that gangway is another door but you cant use a key. You have to use a certain code in a mechanism to open the door.

We need to get away from those c4 raids because they are repetetive and easy plus its the only way to raid a house effectively.

So basically blueprints should be rare and c4 almost impossible to get. But there should always be another way to get the door open, c4 might will be the quickest when you got it but it should not be the only one.

c4 should be in the game but it should be very hard to craft. Too many people have it and its just a pain.

According to Helk there will be a complete overhaul for blueprints / researching.
People would need 4-5 C4, each one giving 20-25% research. That’ll keep players from finding 1 C4 and sharing it with group and everyone researching it in few seconds.

Yay, but muuuuuch harder to make and very rare. Do the same thing with metal doors and it balances it self.

The metal structures are going to be sheet metal, not much different than wood, however, the concrete and brick structures will change that ;).

They gotta make it so its way harder to make C4/Shatchel Charges

I say they should remove it. FOR NOW. The game has duping issues right now and it is already strong enough without people having 16 of them.

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