Please remove the C4 from this game… What’s the point with toolcup when you just can blow the whole house?.. Remove C4 or do something about it!!.. Destroys the whole game… Hate it just because of C4…

Stop crying whiner…

They already made tool raiding useless and now you want c4 gone too. Don’t play Rust if you cant handle it.

This is bullshit… c4 ist way to strong. C4 should be in the game, but crafting should take longer! On Day 1 after Patchday, the first groups ran around and raided/destroyed houses (on an official Server London 1 and not some privat)

c4 isn’t strong at all.

the other building type isn’t in game yet.

Ok eFFeRR, same to u… if u mean tools are useless, bad for u… if u cant use 5-10 minutes of ur life to destroy a wall, why play rust?? Whats the point with houses, if u just can blow the wall and walk inn??.. The C4 is OP!!!.. U should not be able to place C4 when it is building blocked…

From where u get explosives bp?

I am constantly farming rad towns, barrels, airdrops since the update (about 40-60 hours playing)…

I’d rather like to know how it’s craft-able with primitive tools.

Should be a heavy powder keg instead, with adjustable levels of black powder.

Closer to reality if we already have gunpowder.

it’s first incarnation just to get it in for playtesting. things will be rebalanced.

as for the cupboard, it’s not intended to protect your building from being attacked, only griefed by players building walls etc over your doorways, and allow you to “remove” building parts…personally i hope it’s removed eventually, especially since they put in the lowest “twig” tier building parts that can be broken so easily.

Do you have even a single iota of a clue how much the odds are stacked against getting the blueprints (YES, PLURAL.) to make C4? Let alone the average risk of being ambushed while having it in possession. And the minimal pain of it all to craft.

OOOH BOO, some lucky fuck got 1 Timed Explosive Charge from an air drop and destroyed one of my stone walls. He can’t do it again, unless the server has a preset to give them away.

I have been at it for days on multiple servers both official and mod bullshit servers and I cannot, personally, confirm that the blueprints exist. I’ve seen “Explosives” as the ingredient FOR C4 from a drop, but never in the several hundreds of destroyed barrels, mounds of re-spawned rad town crates, or handful of successful airdrop feuds have I had yet to see either of the 2 blueprints.

Either I am truly unlucky and angered RNGesus or the drop chance is 1 in 10,000 each. With servers roughly resetting every week its near non existent of a chance to obtain them.

The only reason I’m miffed about its rarity in particular is because the game has been altered for C4 to be a necessity now. A week ago it was vanity. “Oh wow, you can blow shit up. good for you.” Now its “Fuck… New Stone walls.” Prior patch the structures of interest to destroy were as follows. Done solo, trust < rust. I go solo, my poor decision, I get it. Here is this.
The end time is a rough estimate until i re-review recordings
(Pickaxe 2 seconds per swing) Hatchet (0.5 seconds per swing)
Object - Hp - Weapon - Damage Per Swing - Time till destroyed.
Stone Doorway - 2500hp - Pickaxe - 6 - 833 seconds (13.8 minutes)
Stone Doorway - 2500hp - Hatchet - 2.5 - 500 seconds (8.3 minutes)
Metal Door - 1000hp - Pickaxe - 2 - 1000 seconds (16.6 minutes)
Metal Door - 1000hp - Hatchet - 0.8 - 625 seconds (10.4 minutes)
Stone Wall - 5000hp - Pickaxe - 6 - 1666 seconds (27 minutes)
Stone Wall - 5000hp - Hatchet - 2.5 - 1000 seconds (16.6 minutes)
Stone Floor - 4000hp - Pickaxe - 6 - 1333 seconds (22.2 minutes)
Stone Floor - 4000hp - Hatchet - 2.5 - 800 seconds (13.3 minutes)

Some walls seemed to emulate, what I believe is, decay after a while and take 7 times the damage. Unknown if it was intentional or some server setting that is idk wtf bbq. Otherwise the above is in an accurate ballpark.


Stone Doorway - idfk - Pickaxe - 1 - fuckton
Stone Doorway - isdfk - Hatchet - 0.3 - still a fuckton
Metal Door - 5000hp - Pickaxe - 1 - 10,000 seconds (2 hours 36.6 minutes)
Metal Door - 5000hp - Hatchet - 0.3 - 8,333 seconds (2hours 18.8 minutes)
Stone Wall - 5000hp - Pickaxe - 1 - 10,000 seconds (2 hours 36.6 minutes)
Stone Wall - 5000hp - Hatchet - 0.3 - 8,333 seconds (2hours 18.8 minutes)
Stone Floor - 4000hp - Pickaxe - 2 - 4,000 seconds (1 hour 6.6 minutes)
Stone Floor - 4000hp - Hatchet - 0.6 - 3,333 seconds (55.5 minutes)
Anything metal = doubled stone hp + increase resistance to damage = fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Currently, I am taking a break or going after easy targets if I manage to stay addicted. Wood walls are at 1/10th the hp of stone and take 3 a hit. Unless you have C4, a server preset for obtaining it, or in the vanity position as a rogue owner :] the fun that was had in the ways of the past weeks, (solo raiding or group) cannot be replicated, every aspect of B&E now is too time consuming, dull, grindy, and is completely dependent on an 2 explosive blueprints that have seemingly abysmal odds set against obtaining. Fit 3 people lined up beating down a wall - thats 46 minutes later and x amount of dead hatchets for 1 piece of a structure.
You don’t have to build smart anymore. Have your base set a couple floor above the ground incase they make entry? NOoooooo. Why bother? You can set up everything on ground level as long as you make it stone, gg you’ve successfully deterred 90+% of the server pop from ever coming near your shit… and then you play and your mindset is everyone else… sleepers sleep soundly and secure. Out goes the theme for horrible acts as people in rust.