c_model rig messes up

Hey there. So basically I wanna make a SWEP but for some reason, my editor has other ideas. I went to https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Using_Viewmodel_Hands, converted the SMD to FBX and imported into Cinema 4D R16 (bear in mind ive tried other versions as well). Heres what it looks like so far:

It looks normal so far but with previous attempts, StudioMDL didnt include these bones despite having me included them in the QCI (which took me a while because the arms joints DONT go through unless theres a mesh there with a texture).

So then I tried to figure the root of the issue by importing that FBX into blender and this happened:

So why is this happening? Is it my FBX exporter? Bear in mind that I have tested the FBX file with maya and maya is fine as well as 3DS MAX.

This is the main issue overall as this is causing my c_model to screwup as the arms dont show ingame despite what ive done LUA wise.