c_models vs v_models

Might seem like a dumb question but, which is better to use for sweps? I want to make some using the css weapon models but I’m not sure whether I should use c_ models or v_ models. Do either of them have advantages/disadvantages over the other? Does one work better and more efficiently than the other? Thanks in advance.

C Models use (Under most circumstances) the player model’s hands while V Models use hands modeled and textured into the swep. There’s a lot more V_Models (When it comes to CS:S weapons) out there but you’re better off using C_Models whenever possible because it’s awkward being a -Anyone with sleeves- and having your gun be held by sleeveless arms with black gloves.

Most newer Valve games use some variation of the C_Model. (TF2 C_Models are weird though. They act more like world models than anything else.)

Edit: Both L4D games use C_Models but they’re a bit buggy. They don’t have any sounds set into them so when you reload no sound is played. The thumbs are weirdly twisted (Not actually that bad.) and what not. The worst part honestly is the lack of built in reloading sounds. Although some c_models like the hunting rifle refuse to work correctly in Garry’s mod.

Games with C_Models (VALVE Obviously):
TF2 (Most don’t work. Contains some V_Models which should all work. Most of the default weapons are V_models.)
-Anything I didn’t mention that’s on the newer side of things-

Games with C_Models supplied by Garry:

Games with no C_Models:
All custom weapons for CS:S/HL2
DoD (As far as I know anyway.)

Oh and eh, you probably shouldn’t enable C_Model hands on a V_Model because most of the time bad things happen. Namely a weird morph between your hands and -Game- hands.

Thank you very much for that. Currently, I mainly just want to use CSS weapon models so I wasn’t sure whether to use the v_ or c_ models for them. Hmmm.

I get a very strange feeling that you are going to make errors out of it… So let me help you with that

When picking a c_ model out of the CSS models be sure to add a extra folder to the model path!

People usually tends to make that mistake and type
models/weapons/c_snip_awp.mdl instead and get a ERROR model out of it

Thanks for that. So do you think it would be better to use c_ models over v_ models for css weapon models in specific orr?

Just see if you can use c_ models whenever its possible!
If youve got a c_ model rather than a v_ one id definetly recommend you use the c_ one instead and only v_ in very specific needs

Alright, sweet. Thanks. :slight_smile: