[CA/US] Wiped 1/5 NoobFriendly/Sleeper/PvP/INSTACRAFT


To join our friendly community follow these steps!

  1. Log into Rust
  2. Press “F1” to open your console
  3. Copy this command: “net.connect” without the ("") quotation marks
  4. Introduce yourself!

What we can offer you:

California / West Coast Based Server (great ping all over the US and mediocre ping outside of US)
Friendly Community
Admin Abuse Free (Admin doesn’t spawn items / build their base etc)
Active Admin (ban’s all the hackers, esp’ers, etc. we don’t take these offenses lightly)
Airdrops will be at 20 players!

Any questions? Just log on and speak to our friendly admin!

Just joined the server! Awesome server so far.

It’s hard to find a server that’s west coast based and with a friendly staff. Everyone here is so noob friendly I’m starting to get the hang of the game.

About time I can farm for a little before having bandits just raid me :confused:


Bump, come start a new life with us!

come join us for some fun!

home to over 30 players! Also have a team speak for our server players!

come join us tonight for some fun!

come in for some night time fun!

server updated come rage!

says “incompatible version” when I try to connect. I just bought the game today

come join the server and hangout!

servers awesome, been playing for weeks. bump dump

bump bump! come have fun and pvp!

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bump come on and hangout!

Met a few fun people to hang with. Kinda sucked when I had 3 guys c4 2 of my metals doors and then my a wall of mine. Beware. :stuck_out_tongue:


alot of good people yo, join the server and stay!


bump! awesome server. great admins!

perfect time to get into the server, alot of the big raider groups have left…come and join, lots of abandoned places to call home