Caboose's TF2 Holiday Calender January to May

The Holidays I listed:
New Year’s Day
St. Valentine’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
April Fool’s Day
Mother’s Day

I’m going to add the last half sometime later during the weekend, i just want some C&C before I go on

It seriously needs some editing and better posing

The posing is fine, no clips, no stiff-bodied characters. i could deal with the photoshopping some time later, but I can’t find appropriate film effect overlays to put over the pictures

Not ragging on you, but the point of C&C is for others to critique your work, not the author/artist/whatever to judge his/her self. Thats called a biased opinion, and most dont improve that way.


The posing is a bit awkward somehow but I can’t put my finger on it.

Posing for Febuary and April seem off. The heavy dont look like hes leaning over, it looks like hes just lost his balance and is about to fall face first into the ground. Spy for April looks like hes got a rash on his butt.

January Verry Good Screen.

Bloom needs to be turned down in many of the pictures.

Damn Demoman. Always has to be different. When they’re not drinking, he has his bottle. They grab bottles, he grabs a tankard.