Caboose's World War II Photoalbum

The Beach

Making Progress

On the move

Taking a knee

Night Patrols

Panzer Jaegergruppe

Shooting up Cloud, and a Sonic guy

MORE to come hopefully after homework is done

The posing needs a lot of work.

Don’t use ingame explosions. Unless they’re nice, or can be edited into better things.

Don’t do minge poses on construct.

Where are the other ingame explosions?? :x

EDIT: those were just like on…day 2 on getting Gmod :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the first few pics are posed pretty well for a newcomer. The explosions suck, try using the tnt tool and never use Gm_Construct

Is the guy on the halftrack (3rd pic) surfing?

what’s wrong with the water?

SDoF hurts my eyes.