I recently got CAC but in the server console it is popping up with this message and won’t start up the server.

[CAC] 00:00.156 Cannot handle version 9 server lua information. Current version is 10.

Any Ideas?

CAC is a paid script, contact that author of the script for help. Have you downloaded the most update to date version or opened a support ticket?

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Also, using the Steam account you have linked to your profile: [/thumb]


I will contact the Author but Im not sure if the servers files are outdated and also I got CAC from server network Owner, I am in charge of running one of his servers.

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Now this error 0_o [CAC] 00:00.180 No existing server lua information found!

And the server owner isn’t in your friends list? Sounds like bullllllllllshiiiiit to me.

Tehe~ Leaked! :smiley:

I don’t think his little brain can process the fact that it’s illegal…

And his dumbass lies about it. lol

Huwanna’s Steam profile is private.
Which means ScriptEnforcer couldn’t have possibly retrieved their friends list to check if none of them own CAC.
Which means that ScriptEnforcer is full of shit in this case.

The friend of Huwanna’s who owns CAC is
Huwanna is on their friends list.

If you are using FileZilla uninstall that crap and use WinSCP instead.
FileZilla is shit at completing file uploads and not corrupting files.
If you are using Mac or Linux change FileZilla to binary transmission mode.

What about the leak he downloaded though? Sure it was 2015, but still? Even if a friend of him does own it, doesn’t mean he actually sent it to him.

Huwanna and his friend are both superadmin on the same set of servers, all using the same license, so I trust his story.
Also that leak thread was last updated on 2015-05-16 and only contains clientside files.
I only bumped the server lua information version to 10 on 2016-02-22, so he must be using a recent version of the addon.

With that said he might still be using leaks, but eh ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Cake, still the best person ‘but eh ¯_(ツ)_/¯’ – Cake doesn’t give a fuck, cake ftw<3

He’s a damned savage. He’s already rich from the anti-cheat so, I mean, I wouldn’t care either honestly lmao.