cache file + fastdl

i don’t know why but my cache file change every day. It changes every day when i don’t add new lua files too. that cause i must sync fastdl every day.

Are you editting any files?

no. I didn’t edit any file, and it still create new .dua.
That’s the weird thing.

The .dua files I’m pretty sure are made up of all the client side material, I don’t know any reason for it to re-create the file unless a client side file is being editted. Are you sure no one else is editting a file? It would only take 1 change in any file for it to create a new .dua file for clients to download.

e; Are you sure the clients are downloading the file? If FastDL is not set up correctly then it will appear that a cache file will download everytime you join, when infact it isn’t downloading at all.

Yes, i am sure they are downloading the file… i looked at FTP.
but there is still some new.
Also, i am the only who can access FTP.
is there some option how to extract the .dua files to see what is in?


also one dua file created 1:14:00 (Time) and i wasn’t online at this time.


also sv_allowupload and sv_allowdownload are 1, i think this is the problem, yes? i am not sure. So i am asking