Cactus cactus cactus. CACTUS!

Here we are, the cactus!

It was done as per request by DieHardDeus.


[ul]Plant your cactus and wait 10 days for it to sprout(spawn the SENT).[/ul]

[ul]Give your cactus a nice gentle pat on the head(press “E” in front of it).[/ul]

[ul]Your cactus will overreact and try to run away(try and catch it).[/ul]

Thanks to Kogitsune, we have a video.

You just gotta love those pointy plants. :v:

Download and you’ll see what I mean. :wink:

Here is the download link.

Have fun!

Just awesome. Going to try it out now.

Lol, looks like i need to catch my cactus!
Nice work, i must talk later, he kind of got far by now :wink:

Trying this when I get home :D.

Good to see people like it. Might be just the thing to keep admins busy on a server. :wink:

(CoughMingebagsCOUGHsPAmCough*)** :v:

Well, I tried it, and it’s, um, interesting… what exactly drove you to make this? :smiley:

It’s nice. The trail is simple and boosts the appearance substantially The sound is on just the correct level of annoying. It might be interesting it it detected when it had been ‘caught’ (physgun/gravgun) and shut up until it was released again, but it’s pretty fun as is.

Also, Ca-ca-cac-cac-ca-ca-cac…

Really? This looks like what it was like before the release… I tested it and it’s working fine.

Look at init.lua and look under the think function. Next think should be set to 2. :raise:

Look at the picture to see what he means by the Ca-Ca-Cac…



Oh! I didn’t look at full size!:v: :lol: :v:

I don’t feel I went far enough. Second try (approx. 200 active):

Oh my God… What have I done? :tizzy:

By the way, I have found out that my cactus doesn’t get along too well with the “Harmless Companion Cube”. Weld them together and find out what I mean. :wink:

No matter how hard the cube tries it just can’t get away!

Aaaah, addiction. Ok, this is my final shot. I swear, I’m not just bumping, I just didn’t think of doing this before…

That was, what, 15FPS? And I had to activate them all manually…

P.S. standing in the room for more than 10 seconds did not result in a continuation of living. These things hit in the 50-60 range of damage…

Keep posting. I find your pictures amusing. :slight_smile:


By the way, this is a beta, so anything that you guys think could improve this, just let me know!

Oh wow, that’s awesome :v:

May be 5 second but this is worthy stuff. Laughed so hard at the description.

Just got done screwing around with it - annoying as can be :v:.

Five Second? I spent a few days on this. Yeah it’s simple, but 5 second implies that it wasn’t well put together. :frowning:

Thanks for saying it’s worthy though! :4chan:


Hey, you changed your avatar! :v:

Looks awesome.


I missed something…

Also, Cocktas. See what I did there?