Version 1 of my Cactus gamemode for Fretta is done. No pretty HUD yet but this should be fun to play anyways.

Remember that Cactus SENT I made quite some time ago? Well I’m making a gamemode based around it now using the Fretta gamemode base.

The basic idea is to catch as many cacti as you can before the timer runs out. The person with the most cacti wins.

Now for screenies:

There are 6 types of cacti right now: Fast, Slow, Normal, Powerup, Explosive, and Golden. Catching a fast one gets you 3 points, a normal one gets you 2 points, and a slow one gets you 1 point. The Powerup cacti give you 1 point and a random upgrade, Explosive ones will have a 10 second countdown after grabbing them before detonation, and the Golden cactus gives you 5 points! There’s only one golden cactus out at a time.

Surprisingly, this game has shown itself to be both competitive and fun. I’m pleased with the comments I’ve been getting.

Here is the server:

I’ve been changing/adding new stuff every day so drop by to see what’s new when you get a chance.

I’m thinking of adding upgrades when you catch more cacti, like better tools for capturing the cacti. Any ideas?

this would be incredibly frustrating/boring, i’m sorry to say

cacti going around at like 80 mph and you need to catch them? and that’s it? sounds like an obligatory 5-second mod if you ask me.

Gee, thanks for the support. I just hear a lot of good stuff from people who downloaded my SENT who loved trying to catch it, so I figure making a gamemode where you catch them competitively would be lots of fun!

I’m working on a net-gun for it. It will allow easy long range captures.

Looks fun to play for 30 minutes but will get boring very quick I think, But if its out ill be sure to test it out once in a while :slight_smile:

Well, being a fretta gamemode, it will only be played for a few rounds, and then players can vote for a different gamemode. It’s not meant to be a 24/7 game, just a small, fun, and refreshing one.

Well, I think it’d be pretty fun :slight_smile:

Maybe different color ones with varius effects given to the catcher depending on their last one caught?

Excellent idea!

Looks fun, it’s always awesome to catch things flying at near-warp speed xD, make yellow ones that instantly bounce around at extremely high speeds, and a blue one that moves slowly, OH AND DIFFERENT POINT VALUES! 2 for green, 1 for blue, and 5 for yellow :D, make it fun.

I quite like it, despite its simplicity. I might try this out when it’s done.

Just make the catching mechanism good, the gravity gun is USELESS for catching small fast moving objects, you risk having it so that people just randomly hold down catch and hope for the best.

Actually, I managed to catch them with gravity gun. I forgot to mention players can run super fast and jump much higher. Makes it more interesting.
I’m going to add a vacuum, net-gun, and net-grenade for catching them. The more cacti you catch, the more weapons/upgrades you get.

I’ve also implemented the different cactus types. Fast, slow, and normal.

Can you change firerate and aoe with lua alone? I’ve always wondered about making the Berserk mutator from UT2004 for GMod, and I’m wondering if you can actually dynamically change the firerate on weapons through Lua without changing the weapon itself.

Nope doesn’t work. I’ve tried that before.

Well damn >_>, Garry’s gotta add something like that, it would bring a new dimension to gamemodes based on upgrades. No one wants to do something like that and have to make 5 different SWEPs just to simulate the fire rate upgrade.

I am running it on my test server now. If you want to drop buy and get a sneak peak at what’s done so far…

Got it working.


Fixed the cacti. Three people playing so far. People seem to like it.

Idea :

After 10 mins (or other) of catch : give weapon for a big fight
0 pts = no wep
5 pts = pistol
10 pts = deagle
20 = smg
50 = rocket launcher

after give weapons : teleport to the arena and lets fight for 5 mins ( or other)

I’ll take that into consideration. Here are new pics from the server:

Hope more people come to join.

I was skeptical at first but after playing this it turned out to be one of my favorite fereta games. Well done GreaseMonkey.

Keep in mind that it’s far from finished. I have lots of stuff to add still.

Cactus cactus cactus cactus, cactus. Cactus cactus.