Cadian Execution

First time doing good blood, hurray!

Looks pretty painful

Very nicely… *executed

*Really though, it’s good.

I’m red/green colorblind but I don’t think the blood is saturated enough, it looks almost completely black. Sorry for using myself as a reference but look at this blood. I’m not saying duplicate/replicate it, but something a little more like this might work better.

Oh and put some blood on his finger. Or a lot. The hand pose is a little weird, it’s a cool idea but it just seems like that would be really hard to actually do. Is holding the knife right to have slit his throat?

Anyways, pretty good pose overall.

The blood in that example is pretty much the same as mine, if not slightly darker.

And you can hold the knife like that when slitting someones throat and the reason for him to hold his hand like that, is the fact that it’s a religious handsign (Gundlar shit, yo) for Death and Life.

Okay cool, it must just be me then. And I didn’t know that about the knife, but I can’t understand how the blood would be on that side, I’m trying to act it out in person and I can’t get that side of the knife to the throat without some extremely awkward wrist bending.

I can say it like this: You bend forward to look at the face of the guy and as you move away, you slit his throat. I can act it easily.

I could as well with the other side, but I’m saying how do you get that side of the knife to the throat holding it like that. Oh well, nice pose regardless.

best film

Those aren’t Canadians being executed, what are you talking about?

Pretty brutal.
Good work! Posing and editing is kewl.
Rated your ass wood.

I read it as canadian too :v:

cool picture though fussy

Yeah, their heads aren’t strange enough.



I like the blood, i like the detail.