CadPat Skin request V2

Due to a certin someone’s brother getting that some one perma baned i had to make a new thread for this.


any questions just ask

the other thread dident have any takers either…

get css and download a skin in FPSB if you want it that much

they have a cadpat skin in FPSB?

Hey thanks. for some reason when i got gmod it had the css models just not the textures (meaning they were black and purple squares)

would this still work or do i need css.

You have gmod but not css?

Doesn’t Half Life 2 include CSS for free?

i dont think so.
(also i dont have half life 2. only hl2 death match)

You really, REALLY need to get CSS. Its basically a need when you buy Gmod. You will barley survive Gmod with just that

I know. Im stuck between CSS or TF2. which should i get first?

CSS, TF2 can be fun but CSS will provided way more content for you to use in Gmod. Hell most SWEPS require CSS hands or maps require the models or textures

i got the css hands. But alot of my vids are limited due to lack of maps. Okay CSS it is.

This is blasphemy.

You’re using gmod but don’t have Half Life 2.


no one has answered me. If i have the models but the are colored black and purple. will skins still work on them?

why dont you just TRY?

dont have gmod on this comp

not my problem.