If anyone’s seen those ads for the canadian forces, you might recognise what I was trying to do with the pic here. Last night I was looking for some good skins on fpsbanana and found this. I spawned an npc, Model manipulated it on, (I use a custom skin for the face) and I thought the effect was cool, so here it is.

Seeing my face on the model kinda gave me a revelation, and I’ve decided to join the armed forces.


so you saw your face on the model and decided to join the armed forces? There’s a lot more thinking involved than that, man.

Also, I have to say that the skin isn’t really CADPATish. It looks more like a really pixelated… pixel camo. Like MARPAT x3. CADPAT is pixelated as hell, yes, but they’re more like larger blobs. You want a CADPAT skin? Get one here (you’re welcome for uploading), and here and here are pictures so you can see them.

This is what those dudes are thinking.

Yeah! Look how cool I look, bitches!

Thanks for the skin. Dl’d.

As for deciding to join the armed forces, it’s a long story, and there WAS much more thinking involved. I just realised that it might just be the job I’m looking for.

wow shut up archangel no one cares about the canadian army

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Yep, he did Catman… he did.

nice bump guys!

Man… I wanted to see the picture…
And wow, this is back when 5omeone was not banned.