Cafe Doom (WIP)

Cafe Doom is a project I have been working on for the past week now. The idea was to create a great map for NPC battles that looked sexy. The map has a lot of destructible features including:
-ALL glass is breakable; every single bit.
-breakable tiles on the pillars; when you shoot them they will fall off the pillar. Resembles the pillar destruction in The Matrix.
-Even the glass doors are breakable!

The map is also currently noded for advanced AI combat. Overall, the map is turning out great! :3

…A shot of the fountain featured on the top story.

…A shot of the area around the fountain.

…This is one of the side rooms.

…In-game destruction! :smiley:

…Who needs doors? >:D

Kay guys! Tell meh what you think!

Uh, you actually need to upload the pictures to a website before we can see any of them. :v:

Ha Ha yeah. Sorry about that. I fixed it tho.

That actually looks pretty nice. It could use a lot more scenery and detailing (pretty empty atm) and correct the texture scaling on the glass railing in the fourth picture.

Looks pretty bare to me

Well, you know. The WIP icon is there for a reason after all.

But it does look very bare. thus its a valid statement.

Guess in one week woth of work you could came up with something much better.

Look, I’m sorry if you took the last comment wrong, but this still is a work in progress. The fact that you guys are just criticizing the thing before it’s done just confuses me that’s all. I don’t know, maybe you could just give me a chance. Mapping isn’t a constant hobby for me. Yes, it’s bare, but the fact that I’m not done with the map yet is all that needs to be said about that.

If it’s WIP it should be posted in the pimpage thread. I’ve made maps more complete than this and haven’t given them their own thread.

Why are you posting unfinished work if you don’t want to hear criticism

:3 Well hey, I was gonna update it once I got more things in. You know, when you want to show people the progress on something you’ve been working on, you tend to start towards the beginning. Right? :stuck_out_tongue: Look, I’m new here. Just give meh a chance.

Yes, but your posting it here, expecting us to get excited about a map that doesn’t show much of anything, from a brand new poster who has nothing else to show in the past. Don’t always assume that your work is great, let others do that, and assume that what your making can always be better, and in most cases it’s true.

That’s one reason to post WIP, the main reason people post WIP’s is for criticism which is what people are giving you, and it was constructive. Instead of just using “It’s a WIP” as an excuse, just keep what they say in mind, and if you were already going to do what they suggested, then do it haha.

It could use a lot of detail… and please don’t tell me each one of those tiles is a brush.

I would not be impressed with this Cafe. I mean, where would I sit, the floor? With all that broken glass, i’d rather not.

At the end you say to tell you what we think and now you don’t want us to tell you what we think.
Well, I think the color scheme is nice and I like bare, clean look of the map in most places.
Looks like an art gallery or something to me.

This better be in my honor!

Ah, this is so confusing! Okay…
I just want everyone to know that I appreciate the feedback. I didn’t mean to start anything by responding to the first comment about my map’s amazing bareness. Just didn’t sound very constructive. I apologize. :] You’re right. I did tell you guys to tell me what you think, and you did. I’ll add some benches or something, but the map is actually supposed to be an art museum. You see, I’m a cartoonist, and after the first few days of progress and I decided to port some of my work into the game:

…even got a canvas normal map on them! :3

There usually isn’t a lot in an art museum seeing that most of the time you stand up. I was hoping to unveil the fact that this was a museum later into development, but it’s necessary to tell u guys now.
Anyway, thank you for this! This experience has helped a lot!

Man this looks really nice. I like the color scheme you have going on. Can’t wait until you detail it up more. Keep it up!

Creme and grey?

It would look better with brighter, even lighting and more contrast like those blue windows in the second picture.