Cait Sith, a tall version

I was wondering if anyone would be able to make a ragdoll of Cait Sith from FF7. But i want it about the size of one of the refugees or something, hell it could even be a reskin


I don’t know what a cait sith is.

Post pictures, please. If you’re too lazy to get them, we’re too lazy to get the model for you.


My bad, pictures here if more are needed, just tell me.

Better pics:

I can’t do this, but there’s a couple people around ripping things from Crisis Core. Check with one of them to see if he’s rippable.

And yes, this is a serious WTF character, even for Final Fantasy.

thank you gman

how can you reskin a cat onto anything?

reminds me of back in the days of jka when everything was skinned onto the reborns… <.<

Yeah, He’s rippable from the Extracter I have. I can hand it over but the Rigging will have to be done by somebody else…

put up a download link, i’ll start finding people who can rig it