Cake Anticheat Engine Error!

Hey anyone on Facepunch who knows how to fix this,

Basically after the 22.02.16 update Ive been able to join servers with Cake’s !cake anticheat. I have no cheats on and never have in the past.
It works fine with other servers and upon joining a server with it, my game gets an ‘Engine Error’.
This is what it says!

  • Client Lua Stack Leak [3]! 0> 1428 (string) 1> 2(string) 2> 2(string)

If anyone, even Cake himself knows what to do other than removing CAC I’d be grateful to hear it.

(I have verified my cache multiple times, removed addons, and reinstalled a few times).

Yea its been reported many times, removing your CAC from the server makes it work

He is having this issue with every server he joins which has CAC. I am not prepared to remove CAC from the server, it does a good job at what it does.

On my server it was causingthat error for me, but im being forced to remove it since noone can the server with it!

None of you have read about the gmod update and cake, you only have yourself to blame.

I actually never saw that, bye bye CAC then. Thanks.

there’s a CAC update out now that seems to fix it