Cake probs

yo, I was wondering anyone ahve a fix for animations in Cakescript? no matter what version I get they don’t seem to work… Like a rebel will hold a gun, and be crouching or something or in T stance…

If there’s a topic about the fix, can you point me to it?
I know theres a fix I’ve seen other communitys have them, their just to full of themselves to help someone out.

Before I help do this.

  1. Dont start with yo, we ain’t your hommies.
  2. spell check
  3. say thank you in advance

Now down to buisness.

Find your clientside: something_content_2007.gcf (I’m not sure exact name but find a file like that)
Then just copy that folder to your server, then it is fixed

Thanks, sorry when I wrote that it was like 4 in the morning for me, so I wasn’t in the caring mood… but it’s 5 right now so… Yeah, that seemed to fix it thanks, Do you know how to add a command to chat like /it?

What do you want the command to do?

Make it so that it could do
"** The wall creaked as the citizen passed by…
It would be /it and then you do that so it’s like certain worldly things are doing certain things.

  • thanks.

see your learning.

I’m off to bed so I’ll help tommorow

Just checking in, you said you were going to help today… So…