Cakescript Animations

I wanted to use Nexus framework but since im not going to waste $300 im using cakescript and i seem to get the animations to work like everyone is stuck without animates “Minge Form” people call it. Hope someone can help

Doesn’t cakescript use NPC anims instead of normal playermodel anims?

Alrighty, I’ve fixed this issue, however, if you’re using the default hl2rp schema the vortigaunt won’t work.

Despite the fact that it’s set up for NPC Animations, it doesn’t work, at all.

You should change all the model directories to models/player/ which will fix the animations.

For example: [lua]
Also, if you are using the hl2rp schema included you will need to get player models for group03 and group03m found here:

Of course, if you managed to get the NPC animations to work I would like to know about it.

Wait where do edit this? in animations if so i have tried that but still doent work

That’s in the hl2rp.lua, if you’re using it.
Most model has a player model to go with it (but not all)

It works, I got it working (

Ahh thanks man 1 other question how do i flag people cus ive tried rp_flag, rp_permaflag, rp_setflag
Dont know what else to do. And my weapons are all messed up cant use anything if i spawn something it will go invisible.

It’s rp_admin setflags <name> <flag> (or !admin setflags) in chat.

You need to make sure your SteamID is in admin.lua
SuperAdmins = { “SteamID” , “SteamID” };
Admins = { “SteamID” , “SteamID” }

The anim script in cakescript is outdated and broken.

Nexus is public.

Nexus has A LOT of backdoors that Kuro put in.

Which I removed. Contact me for my version if you really need it. Steam name: pfaustman (or you can search [zH] Zack Feuernt in the steam community.)