(Cakescript) Defcon 1 War rp.

IP: TBA when scrds finishes.
I am setting up a server to be run on Big city. If you have another map choice post. Anyway It will be soldier upon soldier in this. Firefights will be quick and deadly. The classes would Be Medic, Light infantryman Heavy infantryman Pilot and more to come. To be a government official you need my trust. Nukes are rare but will happen from time to time. CCC here.


Edit: Never mind Not going to use cakescript. Suggetions? (I might do taco script but FFFF— I need an sql server.


Map RP_city 45

I can offer you a mysql server. For free too. hosting24.com offers unlimited sql servers. Just add btrax to steam if you wanna talk more.

I added you I’m bdc video games.


Okay folkarronies! This will be on gm_bigcity. Using modified gmod_rp with weapons! Server will be up soon. Only addons you need are mad cows weapons beta 3.0.

Add a game-monitor thing