Cakescript gamemode trouble on server

a gamemode i put on my singleplayer everything is fine and dandy but when its on my server it acts weird

You’re going to have to be more descriptive than that if you want help…

when there holding something like a gun physgun they go into a frightend movement the whole time

What the hell are you trying to say with that? That made no sense.

EDIT: Laggy movement? It happens when you join a dedi you’re hosting on your own PC, or you could have a slow server…

No, he means the fact that he doesnt has the 2007 models. Put them on your server and it should be fine!

i mean the cakescript works on single just not as well on my server

Again, listen to commander you need to update your server.

steam update?

Are you using HLDS(srcds) to host your server?

i bought it off of counterstrike thingy.