CakeScript Lua error?

I got this when making a custom Schema and tried using it in-game.

ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘ShowHelp’ Failed: CakeScriptG2\gamemode\concmd.lua:39: attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value)

That looks like an error caused by CakeScript, yes.

Then how do I fix? -.-

Go to line 39 and make it not do what it’s doing.

Well whatever it is, it’s something you changed or added, because I haven’t seen this bug before.

He made a new schema, And you didn’t derive it to global, OR, You didn’t change it in the Configuration.lua

Just checked, it’s set to load custom Schema.

It’s marked to use Global.

I did it the same way Nori did in the CakeScriptG2 thread.

Hm, Do what lexi said, rather.

Found Line 39, couldn’t find a Problem.

I practically have everything the same way Nori had in the CakeScriptG2 1.0.3 thread.