CakeScript - No Char Select/Create Screen

I’m trying to help my friend set-up his role-play server. When the server loads, the character select/create screen doesn’t appear. How can I fix this?

Any help is appreciated.

I’m the creator of CakeScript and even I could never figure out this problem. Do you know what version he is using? The latest released was CakeScript G2 1.0.4.

Nori’s bad coding.

[goodscriptas] 4 lyfe…

Probably the umsg’s are being sent to fast, or right on player join with no delay.(That’s if CS does use umsg)

Thanks for your messages, I’ve fixed this now.

People probably would be interested knowing how did you do it.

Can i have the ‘Epic fail author’ rating for Nori please?

How about the ‘epic fail idiot’ rating for Crissiejjj. He probably messed something else up that was causing this problem and fixed it, I doubt he fixed the problem I was talking about.

well this still does this to me upon using a custom schema, i get no screen and im running the latest version :S

Tried in single player?

sure have and still nothing

I would love to know how to fix this, I have been at this for months, How the fuck can you fix it?! I am running 1.0.4, And I am using the HL2 Schema, but just changed around the shit. Please help us Nori.

I’m making CakeScript G3 which doesn’t have these problems so just sit tight.

But that’s in a long time, And I need to have my server up today, My community is raging like a bunch of zombies, And tacoscript is hopeless.

Actually it’s planned to be released on January 1st.

Cool beans.

Coinciding with Golden Sun 3’s supposed release date :v:

My my, new years day is going to be fun.