CakeScript Vehicles

I’m making a Serious RP Gamemode, based off of CakeScript G2.

So I have two questions.

  1. I can’t seem to spawn any vehicles or anything at all ingame, and it gives me the message “You are not allowed to spawn anything!”. I searched for this in the game mode code, and there is no where that specifies it to say this. Why does it?

  2. Because I want this to be a Serious RP game mode, when I’m finished, will I be able to some how make it so that one cannot open their “Q” menu?

Thank you in advance. Jonny.

Vehicle trust, I believe.


Sorry? I don’t seem to understand…?

There’s some command it’s like…

rp_admin extravehicles <target> 5

Try that.

Here is the code to disable the spawn menu on a game mode. This will make the spawn menu completely unacceptable while on this game mode.

function GM:SpawnMenuEnabled()
return false

function GM:SpawnMenuOpen()
return false

Make sure to copy all Seven lines or it will not work. I hope I helped!

Thanks for this guys! I’ve given up on the RP gamemode, but I’m making something else, and this should come in handy :smiley: