CakeScriptG2 3.0.5

Hello, How do i add myself to a flag e.g cp?

Tryed in console rp_flag cp and much more, Don’t work Whyy? Downloaded the newest cakeupdate this one:

rp_admin flag Tokiz cp

That maybe?
If not, what error are you getting?

well the command “rp_flag” it is to ADD to me to the flag or just be the flag? i need the adding command

Edited the above post
I don’t think rp_flag is a valid command.

Just try “rp_admin flag Tokiz cp”

When i do: rp_flag tokiz cp in the server console i get this error

CakeScriptG2/gamemode/player_util.lua:12: attempt to call method ‘PrintMessenge’ (a nil value)

and if i do ingame console or in chat i don’t get any errors.

Hmm. That’s someone failing at coding.

If you want to fix it, just open up the “player_util.lua” file.
Use CTRL+F to find where it says “PrintMessenge”
And replace that with “PrintMessage”

same error again, and ingame it says its not a valid command


woops my misstake, i mean “PrintMessage” * sry. so whats the problem do you think? Do i need to add my own rp_addflag commands?

rp_setflag Tokiz cp

I’m pretty sure.

Give you the flag.
rp_admin setflag Tokiz cp.

Make you the flag
rp_flag cp