Cakescriptg2 problem Animations broken

Hey i got a problem with cakescriptg2 animations. every one just get the t pose.
and now your thinking what a noob that doesent know how to extract the right gcf’s but i did extract the gcf’s from source 2007 shared models.
i extracted all the human models and the police models. and i put them in garrysmod/garrysmod/models/humans

still every one is t posed. please help me!!
ive tryed reinstalling gmod and my server
i tryed changing version of cakescript and so.
i really need help please help.
also i have used cakescript before and i know how to use it.

Basicly you cant fix the animations 100% unless you are really really really good at animations.

Also its not your server or your GMod its the hole GMod update and so on that didt this´. Uploading the gcf’s from source 2007 will only make it better not fix it 100%.

gmod update? But my clients got no freaking animations at all!
i upload the source 2007 but it doesent even change a thing…

In multiplayer it shuld change some animations (not make them work correctly not even close) but its the closest thing you can come to the animations in CakeScript.

The uploading of the source 2007 shared models.gcf (extracted contents), dont work for me on my server as well. Since the last update.

to bad so sad.

I can fix it for you, add me to steam.

Anyone that needs help, just add me =/


It’s as simple as replacing your current animation script with the following:

Trust me, it works. I made both version 2, which is simply a fix of Rick Dark’s animation code, and version 3, which is entirely mine with the exception of a snippet by Entoros.

Use the file above, and make animations.lua shared.

Okay thanks!!
your my new lua god!