Inspired by the MW2 mission: “Of Their Own Accord”

C&C welcome.

Its rather boring. Some dead guys sitting around with blood on the wall.

Plain-jane to be honest with ya, zoom in with the camrea swep(note: not the camrea tool,) and get yourself situated with an angle that looks pretty cinematic. Once you’ve done that get the camrea tool out and set yourself up a camrea. When you do all of that, treat the scene to some lighting via the light and lamp tools, experiment with the settings until you find something you’re happy with and you think looks good.

Oh, also using color mod and bloom panels in the post-processing tab of the Q menu is pretty useful as well. Hope this helped get you on the right path.


I was trying to go for a sad or depressing feel.

Boo. Imageshack, for shame.

What should I use then?

Imageshack is fine. Just don’t include the link to the picture on their website, just include the image part.


Some effects, lamp lighting, and a better angle would make this shot twenty thousand times better.