CalcMainActivity not playing any animations

It prints animet all the time but never players the animation, if I put only the return ACT_HL2MP_RUN_FAST, -1 into the hook it works tho. Any ideas?

hook.Add("CalcMainActivity", "Sleeping:Animation", function(ply, velocity)

	if ply.Sleeping == 1 then

	return ACT_HL2MP_RUN_FAST, -1


	ply:ChatPrint("nu animet")


I tried printing the ply.Sleeping on client and server in the hook and when tabbed out(fps around 18) it gives me mostly 1’s and if fps is around 260(tabbed in) it gives me mostly 0’s.
Not even setting the variable on both client and server in a think hook works, only way to get it to constantly get only one of the values is to set the variable in the CalcMainActivity hook.

make sure ply.Sleeping is set to 1 for Client aswell

It is.