Calculation to attach 3D2D to prop

What calculation would I need to do to attach 3D2D to the top left of a prop like ‘models/hunter/plates/plate2x3.mdl’. Maths really isn’t my strong point :slight_smile: I could do it by trial and error but just wondering if there’s a more structured calculation out there.

Even if math isn’t your strong point, if you know how to use Lua and know the positioning, angles, etc. of 3D2D then it should be fairly simple.

Just use trial and error, learning yourself is better than having it fed.

That’s true, and I know the lua behind drawing 3D2D. But this is much more math then programming.

I’m not saying I need any code, just what the calculation using the position and angle of a prop.

What math are you talking about? All you need to do is set the position and angle, :GetPos() :GetAngles()