CalcView equivalent for sounds

So, the CalcView hook lets you alter where a player’s camera is located. However, sounds don’t seem to be heard from the perspective of the camera, but the player’s actual position instead. Is there a way to make sure sounds are heard from the perspective from the camera position in a CalcView or seperate hook? (something like the equivalent for calcview but to overwrite where sounds are heard from)


Try using this:

Could you perhaps elaborate?

Using that, you are able to record sounds and play them to your clientside, just place the microphone to the position you put your view in, then use “EntityEmitSound” to remove the normal sounds coming from near the player (And not the view). I would elaborate more on how to create the entity but I can’t right now.

You should be able to use

GM:EntityEmitSound and depending on the entity the players view is originating from, for example a camera, change the origin of the sound played.

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!