CalcView (Static Angle)

Trying to get camera to STAY above my head and not change ANGLES

function MyCalcView( ply, pos, angles, fov )
 local view = {}

 view.origin = pos-( angles:Forward()*500)
 view.angles = Angle(90,0,0)
 view.fov = 100
 return view
hook.Add( "CalcView", "MyCalcView", MyCalcView )
hook.Add( "ShouldDrawLocalPlayer", "MyHax ShouldDrawLocalPlayer", function( ply )
 return true
end )

Also trying to disable Player vies on the Y axis,

CalcView hook

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You can’t just copy and paste code from the wiki and expect it to somehow work for your needs.
The angles is set to theview angles.