CalcView without view override?

I just wanted to know is there any possible way to be using calcview and returning a view override, but to also be using the GetViewModelPosition hook on a SWEP to modify it’s position and angles in the first person view.
Is there any way to make them work together?

local wep = pl:GetActiveWeapon()
if(IsValid(wep) && wep.GetViewModelPosition) then
pos,ang = wep:GetViewModelPosition(pos *1,ang *1)
return {
origin = pos,
angles = ang,
fov = fov,
znear = zNear,
zfar = zFar,
drawviewer = false

Awesome, thanks.
edit: Just tried it and it doesn’t quite work how I intended, it still turns to the angle and everything however, my entire view shifts to those angles and not just my weapon.
edit again: Oh never mind I was doing it wrong, Thanks