Caldolfia new server|Sleepers|Active Admins/No Abuse|No C4 Crafting|Website|Events|Kits|

I have a 50 slot server Called Caldolfia and its a modded server for PVP-Raiding WE USE OXIDE MOD with 20+ plugins
Airdrops Airdrops are set to min players=0 and are every 30mins.
No C4 Crafting: Explosive Material doesn’t Spawn with this limited amount of C4 it makes having a house better.
Sleepers Hide in your house!!!
Door Sharing along with the locking/unlocking and pass-code from update.
Active Admins We have 2 admins and me the owner we are active as much as we can and has PST for the timezone and past midnight is a little tough for us.
No admin abuse Admins are players too and we will not spawn things in unless its for an event,to help blow up a wall on your house u misplaced, or for compensation packages.
Groups - Create your own groups and use commands like /gchat for group chatting.
Teleporting commands are /Tpa /tpaccept /tpdeny
Whispering Use /Pm <name> <msg> to whisper someone that you cant voice chat with or if you don’t want to let others see your 1 on 1 chat.
Many more Commands
Instant Craft because duh…the crafting for items takes wayyyyy to long =)
Increased Drop Rate-20% Some items will drop more now and took out the C4 blueprint so the other ones have a better chance of spawning.
Arena Me and the 2 admins helped make an arena for events or for daily fun every time we do a match at the arena prizes are involved.
Economy - Buy and Sell items to the virtual shop transfer money to others the shop is growing and already has over 30 Items on it
the item list is so big the plugin had to make the /price command for categories such as /price armor for the list of armors
Increased Sell % of Buy Price: you can sell items for 50% of the buy price on the Economy shop that’s a 40% increase from the default 10%!!!
Bounty’s - Someone kill you? pffft well hell…just put $1000 on there head and sit back while players hunt that Bandit down!
NEW Economy* - now has almost every obtainable item set up for /sell even BP’s!! buy only - Supply signal sell only - half the shop buy and sell-able items over 15 items
The IP to the server: net.connect
No Wipes-
-We do not wipe that’s right we like it nasty!! The server doesn’t wipe unless required by an update and even so we try to recover the save if possible.
We offer compensation if a hacker has been on and we have noticed that there was one or if we are unable to get back the save for the world that was Wiped.
The server is new and the admins are friendly if you need help we stop what we are doing to get you the help you need.
Plugins/mods - We now have over 20 plugins for Oxide installed
Can now use a Pick Axe on your own structures to put the placed item back in your inv.

Cant wait to see you on :slight_smile:
Server is in Columbus OH


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Update: Increased Drop rate for certain items

Update#2:Added Wood Planks and Wood to zombie loot
Changed all Paper Spawns to Wood Planks
C4 Blueprint is not needed removed and now you have a better chance at other BP’s

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Update#3: Changed MOTD a little and Cycle msg
Next months /kit will be changed tomorrow. Will post the items on website later today.
Day/night cycle changed a little
Next Update: Will have new Airdrop crate loot tables,/kit February,add more items to loot tables, lower some loot tables and raise some loot tables, possible airdrop event schedule on website.

Update#4: Kit January is off for now but new players will recieve the items
Airdrop Crates have been redone and we now have a Weapons airdrop crate for Weapons,Weapon attachments,and ammo.
Other Airdrop Crate has a chance for 2 of the 3 : Supply Signal 1-2,Kevlar Armor 2-6, and Low Quality Metal 20-40.

I encourage more people to join this server. It doesn’t have many people yet, but you can change that! :suicide:

We switched from rust essentials to Oxide with some plugins.
but HFB has crappy support for Oxide and IF ANYONE! knows a download or link to get the Quest plugin PLEASE send me a msg or reply here so I can download it and upload it to my server.
NEW- Econ plugin with over 20 items on shop and increase sell % up from 10% to 50%
Bounty Plugin for your revenge needs.
20% Increased Loot tables on most items.



Update #6
Large change to Airdrop loot:
*Kevlar drops with supply signal and low quality metal.
*Guns,Ammo,Attachments, and low quality metal can drop from one of the crates.
*Improved other crates for a lower chance at C4 and higher chances at metal/wood building parts.
*Lowered Chance for C4 on green crate because it was to high.
*All Crates now have the same Chances to be dropped 10/50 for each being 5 Crates.
*Improved Economy Shop with over 10 more items

Still Known to add:
*More Crates that drop on airdrops for specific items.
*Better Plugins.
*If Possible Update Oxide from 1.1 to a better version.
*More Events.

Update #7
*90% of items in-game are atleast sell-able on Econ shop
*tweaks to airdrops
*tweaks to drop chances on some items that were set to 0 possibility
*C4 is now not buy-able from shop and only sell-able

Know Issues/needs to be fixed or looked at
Sometimes after getting some items in your inventory you may not be able to sell items or just use /sell (FIX FOR NOW**-Disconnect and re-connecting will fix this. A hassle? I know =/
*Currently Airdrops in-game have 5 different crates im aiming at making another crate to the supplydropmasterlist on oxides loot tables to see if more item specific crates can be made for airdrops
*HFB server hosting doesn’t have good support for oxide and plugins looking for some links to be able to download then upload more plugins any legitimate help would be rewarded in game.
*Oxide is only at version 1.1 sending in a ticket for HFB to update the version I see its at 1.9 that I know of.

Added over 20 new Plugins
*New Custom Prefix (How to get)- in-game send an admin or owner 10,000 in-game currency for a *Custom Prefix Max of 8 characters. [Admin or Owner must be on to get custom prefix]
*Known issue - some bug with a plugin what one im not sure, but sometimes when you throw an item (what ones im not sure) out of your inventory you cant do /sell or /buy and when admins do it they also cant do /give
*8mins and 30secs of Daylight and 1min 30secs of Night is a full day-length now so shorter nights making longer daylight. =-)
*Big change to Econ and now Research Kits work how they are supposed to as one of the updates (research kits for some mods when you loot them they only give 1 use but when bought from the econ plugin it works and has a chance for 1-3 uses) =O


also New Update #9
*New Arena for Soon to come events
*took out the anti-decay plugins because of issues with other plugins
*No kits for now they are a WIP may have to ask admins for help with it.

*2 plugins are making others not work when admins use certain commands
*the econ plugin still has an issue with looting and then trying to sell (Fix for it still is to deisconnect and reconnect then try to sell)