Calender (interactive, how original am I :3)

Current Story & Discoverings: We land on the mysterious Castrei Island after the even more mysterious boat abandons us. We’ve explored the Hotel, Docks and Restaurant so far.

???: Is he alive?
???: …He has a heartbeat. Someone get a towel.
???: Wait, I think he’s waking up.
???: … Hello?

???: Oy lad, ye be alright?
You: Uh… I think so… Where am I?
Tosse: Ye be on my boat, sailor. Why ye be floating in the ocean, limp as a bag? I be Tosse, if ye curious.
You: I’m not sure… agh… I can’t remember anything.
???: Tosse, we’re almost out of fuel, ey!

Tosse: I gotta handle this. You gonna be alright, kiddo?

???*: muffled arguing and discussion
open door
???: There’s an island right over there, Toss. It probably has some gas cans somewhere onit.
Tosse: Lucas, ye be a fool. That be uncharted and army territory, we be shot down.
Lucas: It can’t be that dangerous. That prick you fished out of the ocean can go look around if you’re scared that there’s evil aliens hiding in there.
Tosse: Ye be sure he qualifies?
Lucas: No one knows who he is - not even he does. Nothing’s lost if he dies.
Tosse: Alrighty then, I’ll send him over there.
Lucas: By the way, we’re almost out of rations. Having another person on board would-
door shut
This can’t be good.
Tosse: Lad, we’re here. Now listen, you’ve been…eh…‘selected’, we’ll say, to scavenge out that island and look for some gas - maybe some food, if ye got the time.
You: Alright. Hey, I was just looking through the window of the control desk… The gauge says it’s near full gas. Maybe you should get it checked.
Tosse: Uh, that’s nothing. The gas gauge has been broken for ages.
You: If the gauge is broken, how did you know that the ship was almost out of fuel?
Tosse: Every second wasted talking brings us closer to death. Go, child!

You: Are you sure this is safe?
Tosse: Perfectly, why?

You: Uh…no reason.

You: Hey, about the gas cans, where-

Lucas: Sucker!

Seeing as there’s nothing better to do…
What’s your name? I bet it’s gonna be something manly, and cool, and adventurous, like…

by the way, if anyone’s curious about the crappy posing/editing/quality, it’s my first comic, so make sure to give me some constructive criticism and some points of notice where I can improve - same thing?

OP, before anything else, I need to point out that the correct spelling is “Calendar”.

Shit, I knew I should’ve listened to spellcheck.

I apologize, English is my second language.

I can’t find any way to edit the title, though. Is it some ‘advanced’ function?

That’s okay, mate. And I’d suggest waiting until tomorrow for the suggestions to start rolling in. It’s pretty late in North America right now, and too damn early in Europe.

Hm. A name?


I’m so original.

Go farther up the dock and search the area for something of use.

Actually, I live in North America, I just moved here in 2005. I’m a late-nighter, though. :3

You consider naming yourself ZOOSMELL POOPLORD, but you feel like that won’t be a very lady-attracting name - almost as bad as your old roommate, Eugene Snotgrass. He was very handsome. An actor, guitar player, and body builder. However, he was banished to the bottom of the basement for hideous name… so sad.

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You walk up the dock to find a small town! How charming.

Look inside the trash can for something.

One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure…

You approach the trash can smelling of rotten fruit.

After a long trial of digging, you find the following items:

Shovel - Tool
Watermelon Chunk - Item
Fruit-flavored Gum - Item
Half-empty Soda Can - Item

You feel like the shovel is more important than the gum or the soda at the moment…

Take the shovel, and as much else as you can carry.

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Holy hell, OP. I’ve been looking up your other posts and you appear to be an uncommonly nice FP user.

You take the shovel and hold it in your hand.

You take the watermelon chunk and stuff the soda can into it, then you put the gum into the soda.

First and foremost, however, what’s your name: 3:


Thanks, I really appreciate comments like that!

Timothy McMann

Enter and search the “A3” shack for any valuables or useful things.

You decide to name yourself ‘Timothy McManly’.

Or, for short, “Tim”.

You are now Timothy the Manly Man, conqueror of worlds and master of puzzles!

…Or just Tim, an accountant from Wisconsin who lost his memory from

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You go into the shack…
nothing of interest.

Not counting this cool, more or less, traffic cone helmet.

It reminds you of something from 2009.

One point, Turtley. Always make sure to push forward the ragdoll’s lower abdomen, it tends to stick out. Straighten the torso in that manner.

Thanks for the tip, I’m a bit new to realistic posing.

Great, it’s daytime in North America. Prepare for post surge! (?)

Wield the traffic cone like a club.

You pick up the hollow traffic cone and fancy it as a weapon!
However, you’re not sure if it’ll do as much damage as the shovel.

+1 TOOL: Traffic-cone

Inspect the nearby bike. Maybe it still works…?

You approach the nearby bike and drive it around the street.
It works!

However, you never really did learn how to ride a bike…

-5 Health
-2 Confidence

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Current Health: 95
Current Confidence: 3%
Current Item & Tool Count: 5/20