Calico M950 Model

A model of the Calico M950 semi-automatic pistol

model by:

It looks really, really small on the picture with it on the ammo box.

And it’s pretty much impossible to see it in the other picture.

Heres some screenshots of this model, the second image below got cut in half during the render sadly, I hope thats not much of an issue.

Yeah, it’s *way *too small.

Should be at least twice that size.

explains why it was such a pain in the butt to pose with it. lemme see if I can rescale it
its bigger now, about the size of Smg1

Yeah, but now it’s too big

Download the Resizing tool and make the model as large or as small as you want.

I googled it and the size is roughly the same, if not bigger, as the Mp7

Nice gun