California RP

Just something I’m working on. This map is designed to support RP on a CS:S server, but should be compatible on Garry’s Mod too so I’m posting it here because one day y’all might use it or play on it or whatever. This is like maybe 50% done right now.

Anyway, new pics…

I need help making this. Otherwise it will take Over 9000 years for me to finish. If you’re interested in making any of the following please tell me:

  • Custom Models (Signs, furniture…)
  • Custom Textures
  • Terrain or Buildings

If you think this is a piece of shit project and you’re laughing at me for asking for help, please keep it to yourself.

It’s looking quite nice in places, but my overall feeling is there seems to be too much concrete, especially in that last picture, try getting a bit more detail into it to draw the player’s eye away from the repeating textures methinks.

The way it’s designed seems kind of inconvenient; where are the other apartments gonna go?

Never thought the buildings in California were so flat and blocky. And flat. And… dry.

Get better textures, use better architecture, etc.
I live right next to an in’n’out, it looks absolutley nothing like that.
Also, you forgot that the palm trees are straight at the top, once they started growing again.

I like it. Hopefully your going to make it about 6x its current size. Not to big though. Just big enough. Change the lighting. Hey nice Impala though, maybe you should ask Sgt. Sgt. if he likes it so he could put it in his new cars pack.

Lucky. I’m east-coast – we don’t have them here. But that’s because Steak n’ Shake is better. But you wouldn’t know about that. ;þ Anyway, I’ll try to clean up the inside. Not sure what to do about those trees though.

I don’t know that the car will work properly for GMod. Players might not render while driving it. Maybe someone else can fix that though.

Imagine the shit in the background of my last screen being extended beyond that corner of the skybox. I’m gonna get some better looking buildings too. City Hall will be the most badass shit ever. Though I guess what I have so far doesn’t truly reflect my skills in the architecture department. Also that random corner parking lot is gonna become a gas station I think.

I live about 5 minutes away from UCI, I could grab you some reference images from the In n’ Out there…

It’s a real thing?

You zangy Americans :buddy:

Hell yeah
Better than pretty much any fast food place, except maybe the habit
But only sacramento people and socal people know about that.
Santa Barbara FTW

:love: In-N-Out

Looks good I love your Zombie maps and look forward to this one. zm_lv426 and zm_natalyas_ship_v3 are such good maps. Will you every make another alien themed map maybe rp?

I live RIGHT next to an In-N-Out, and the exterior is pretty god damn accurate. HIGH FIVE MAN

But, the interior is a little cramped, dirty, and blocky. Other wise I’m lovin’ this.

That police car… GIVE IT TO ME…

Blocky, textures unaligned, messy brushwork, generic. Basically as bad as all your other CS:S maps, or any other map that is made for Counter-Strike: Source.

This map will be sex.

I like it. I also like how you are just building the buildings right out of the parking lot.
I live in the East and I still think In-n-Out > Steak’n’Shake.


Anyway, I honestly don’t think its that good… I mean the interiors are nice but they could be better and the outside is sooo… bland, and like that one guy said the concrete repeats a lot. I do believe that this could turn out as a great map, I’m just not seeing it yet.

Actually, now that I think about it, that second picture of that room looks kinda… empty. I mean all there is is a table, refrigerator and sink. Try to liven it up a bit, maybe add a TV and a comfy chair or couch. I dunno exactly, just throwin out suggestions.

What part of California have you been to?

You are my hero.

If you do I mostly need the textures – like the floor, tables, and chairs. Also, the tiles with the palm trees would be good too.


Bay Area, Pittsburgh, passed through Santa Barbara once, Anaheim, Long Beach, LA (Venice Beach), Corona, Ontario, River Side, Laguna… Maybe some other stuff but those are areas where I spent considerable time except Santa Barbara.