[CaliRust] Magma | PVP | SLEEPER | 1/2 CRAFT | ADMINS

[CaliRust] Magma | PVP | SLEEPER | 1/2 CRAFT | ADMINS


Brining back my Rust server. We had a large community (80+ players) before we got DDoS’d and the server was down for 3 days. We lost a lot of players and I got frustrated and cancelled my account with the service provider. I’m now getting the server back up with a new provider and am looking for players who are looking for a server where they don’t have to worry about abusive admins and constant cheating.

UPDATE: Server has been up less than 24 hours. We hit about 17 players last night. There was a good mix of friendlies and hostiles, pretty exciting first night back!

  • Magma Mod

  • PVP

  • Sleepers

  • 1/2 Craft

  • Durability OFF

  • Locked Backpacks OFF

  • Airdrops @ 15 people, will raise the amount as the server fills (if less than the minimum are online admin will call in random drops)

  • Admin abuse and cheating WILL NOT be tolerated and all accusations will be treated seriously