Call for another unit...and tell them to bring more bags.

this made me hungry

You’re trying too hard, in every, single, thread I see you posting in. Stop it.

About the picture, I really like it, a shame the angle isn’t that great and blood is doing like no reflection

Then go eat a freaking man burger, and stop posting stuff that isn’t relevant to the subject.

Anyhoo, loooovvve the blood, one question WHAT THE HELL DID THIS? Black Mesa come to work get fucked up!

I really love it, but I feel the bit with the body in the half zipped bodybag seemed a little bit choppy.

lol HL1 guard.

Remade Security Guard, actually.

Considering how there were no black guards in HL1.

I used a gib from the Left4Dead 2 folder and no-colided it and defalted the top of bag some. Wish the bag model was better. =|