call function from server but run on client


i have an issue with my code (obviously) anyways i need to run a function in the client from my server but i can’t figure out how to. i have a rep_init.lua which i run, which has:

AddCSLuaFile( “rep_shared.lua” )
AddCSLuaFile( “rep_cl.lua” )

include( ‘rep_shared.lua’ )

as you can see my files are called rep_shared.lua (server side the one i want to call the function from) and rep_cl.lua (which i want to run the function on) please help if possible. i also have:


inside my rep_cl.lua

btw i’m new please give me constrictive feedback.

You could try using the net library

Net Library is a HUGE…I mean MASSIVELY HUGE part of Glua. You need to understand and learn how the server and client talk back and forth. <CODE BLUE> will help you, check the link out below. But “net.Receive” is your puppy in this case.

First, open the script server side. Then open it client side. The result will be in the console “1 + 5 = 6”. In this case we are asking for no input, and sending with four bits.

if (SERVER) then

	util.AddNetworkString("myNetString") -- Register the Network String

	function additionX(a, b) -- Simple function returns a + b

		return a + b


	net.Receive("myNetString",function() -- When the server receives the clients Network information

		local a = net.ReadInt(4) -- a = 1, receiving with four bits
		local b = net.ReadInt(4) -- b = 5, receiving with four bits

		print(additionX(a, b)) -- Print the return value of the function, with our defined parameters.


	net.Start("myNetString") -- Start the Network String
	net.WriteInt(1, 4) -- Write the first part as 1, with bits as four. The server will receive these numbers in order as we send them.
	net.WriteInt(5, 4) -- Write the second part as 5, with bits as four. Realize that you have to send and receive with the same bit size.
	net.SendToServer() -- Send what we have to the server.


Or, if you want an example that could work with what you want to do:

-- in rep_shared.lua:

-- this would run the function in the clientside file:
net.Start( "RunSomeFunction" )
net.Send( someplayer ) -- make sure someplayer is an actual player

-- in rep_cl.lua:
net.Receive( "RunSomeFunction", YourFunction ) -- YourFunction is whatever the function you want to run is, and it should run once you run the serverside net.Start and net.Send bit

Pretty simple stuff