"Call HQ and find out what the hell we're dealing with here"+ some bonuses


Unedited bonuses:

Did I mention that I heart your stuff?
'Cause I really do.

Thanks good sir :smiley:

That’s awesome.

Devil Chicken…
I have seen everything.

Oh God the nostalgia.

Thanks guys! Im glad you all like it!

“I love the smell of burn plastic in the morning”
-General Plastro
Tan Army

That’s really good,
BTW, did you use the vietnam citizen hack and use colour just to make these awsome plastic soldiers?

Haha, that’s great.

I thought they were WW2 era not nam.

Pretty much all the equipment that was used in Army Men were vietnam-era stuff. M16’s, M60’s, Hueys and all that.

I know green was very vietnam but tan was pretty much the Axis of evil combined

I think the tan was a mix of both the axis army and Vietnam and the green were what simkas said.
More to come guys.

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  • some Photoshop.


Green was US, Tan was Cuba, Blue was the French and Grey was the Germans

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Tan also then again takes inspiration from Germany too, but Grey is mainly German because of their massive industry (and armour units)

Oh my god…

When I got the N64 I only had 5 games and SH was one of them and definitely my favorite! Nostalgia bomb.

That’s only the ww2 army men. I think the army men people are most familiar with is the 3DO army men.

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The models in the pose don’t really look like army men. Way too baggy. They should look more like these:


HAHA! Awesome pic!