Call of Cthulhu: DCOTE Model here, but request

Hello everybody, first time I’m posting here. Lately I’ve got 3dRipperDX to work. So I looked inside one of my favorite games: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. I managed to rip, after a long time figuring out, Jack Walters, the main character of the game. There is no animation, just a reference model. I totally don’t know how to do these thing with animation in hl2 and such but if you guys can do something with this model, I’m glad to share it with you :slight_smile:
Here is a picture:

Here is the archive with the model in it:


I saved it in several formats like SMD, 3DS, MAX and MS3D (Milkshape 3D format).

Hope you guys can do something with it, and it also would be nice if someone could manage to get animations for this to use in hl2.


I liked the game and Jack Walters; I especially like the way he talks. Maybe I’ll make some higher quality textures for him.

Jack Walters texture enhancement 1:

Thats pretty impressive =)