Call of duty 3 models I need help.

I managed for extract the 3d models from **CALL OF DUTY 3 ** In T-pose of the version ps2/wii as you know these consoles are not very high quality in terms of Graphics


one character is a only model (helmet , head , body , hands , gear everything is a single model)
the textures is one the color map with resolution 256x256

texture in real resolution:

the polygons not more than 2000

I need help to redo the textures (at a higher resolution) with different types of map (color, Specular ,bump,normal)

I have increased the polygons from 2000 aprox to 9000 in total

I added details at the model (reliefs , buttons , objects etc)

if someone wants participate talk to me and I will give the models


Feldgendarmerie example model:

(bad english …sorry)

Why do you want to do this? If we want better WWI + II we could take the models from other games or Call of Duty World at War, just keep them like they are.

Are you planning on doing the vehicles?

still don’t know

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the models from call of duty world at war & call of duty 3 are similar, the vehicles are the same (checked) the enemys (germans ) from call of duty 3 were used in the beta SP of Call of duty world at war

the level of detail is the same …


Call of duty World at war Beta Single player

Call of duty 3 model:

the details are great (the game is not)

Would be amazing to have these models.
But would be better if you get a Next-Gen version of the game (Xbox 360 and PS3) rather than the low resolution you are converting.

Hey are you going to make any british from cod 3?

cause it would be nice to see some british airborne soldiers.

I support this

~Looks at avatar and username~ Of course you do… :stuck_out_tongue:

i like this very much. do u plan to release this on dods? or just gmod.

:D, yeah but It would be awesome to have Guzzo and all them, Sarge. Is it possible to also rip models from Call of Duty Big Red One?

so far I’ve only been able to placed in t pose the modelos from call of duty 3 ps2/wii version …I tried in the ps3 version and also works The problem is that there is no way to extract or capture…extracting models from call of duty big red one is also possible but I don’t have this game.

(in ps3 I activated the noclip, god , notarget modes modifying the configuration file making the game just press a button and activate)

I’m working on models Feldgendarmerie increasing detail.

for now I am planning to increase its detail and post them in 3ds format.

those who are interested in participating, please send a pm


(I have also the British models)

So any chances about porting Medal of Honor Airborne models?
They are my favorite WWII models so far. I think it’s not that hard as it is Unreal Engine.

I have them, it was not difficult to export even with his bones.

if you want the character models , contact me by pm .

Hi there,i would like get the Call of Duty 3 character models? Is there links to download them?